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Las Vegas based mentalist and magician Michael Blau invites each audience into a world of inexplicable mystery and interactive entertainment. In addition to 'BLAUING' people’s minds at private and corporate events, Blau is also a junior member and performer at the World Famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Most recently, Blau spent one month assisting David Blaine in preparation for his upcoming tour, David Blaine Live. Blau's client list includes: Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, UFC, The Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs, and Joe Jonas’ band D.N.C.E.. Blau is known for his creative and unique perspectives on magic and aspires to host his own show on the Las Vegas Strip.  




"Crazy! You definitely 'BLAUED' my mind!"

 Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson - UFC Fighter 

"Totally tripped me out."

 DJ Geronimo - Sirius XM Host 

"Come on! What the actual f**k man!"

 Audien - DJ/Musician  

"Michael Blau is a skilled scholar and an excellent teacher. His creativity, curiosity and joy come through in all aspects of his art; from the subtle to the WOW! "

 Geoffrey Tabin, M.D. - Professor Stanford University

"Michael Blau is a sure bet in Las Vegas as a super star mentalist and magician -bet on it!"

 Michael Severino- Event Director for Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits. 


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